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the API that runs SERP demographics broke… ill have it fixed tonight  the api is now gone… looking for suitable replacement… standby

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This update has a bunch of cool new tools for SERPs and I wanted to showcase them here because Ive used all my text on the chrome seo extension download page So lets jump right in…

First you never have to wonder about Google Personal Search or how to disable it the tool knows and displays the status… and if you want to disable personal search just go to the options menu and any Google searches will have the pws=0 parameter added.

Now this is also really cool I call it Domain Highlighting any result that appears in the domain list you set in your options will be colored for higher visibility. you can even change the colors for different domains

Now remember this words in all major search engines (thats Bing, Yahoo, Google)

and the finally we are also adding demographics, search volume, CTR and PPC cost to all the SERPs

oh and here and here in Google Webmaster Tools you can now have 1 click access to the Insights for search

id love to hear feedback and any feature ideas… remember all these can be turned off in the options menu

Indispensable : l’extension qui m’a fait adopter Chrome : SEO Site Tools than a minute ago via NambuJoseph Diaz

19 thoughts on “New features in Chrome SEO extension SEO Site Tools

  1. Domain Highlighting isn't working for me. In fact, none of the domains I entered in options are being highlighted, while one that I do not have entered is being highlighted.

  2. I am signed into my google account, yes. For whatever reason, the only domain that highlights is seomoz, and since I don't have seomoz in my list (nor care to), it's odd.

  3. ok should be fixed now… if you have version 2.84 thats the most current… to force update go to "
    Developer mode" in extension menu and choose "Update extensions now"

    let me know if you have any problems

  4. One issue: domain highlighting (great feature, thanks!) seems to work only in, not in localized domains (e.g.
    I'm using 2.84 release.
    Thank you for the great work.

  5. ok so i checked… its not that its the .it domain its that the SERPs html changes somehow depending if you are logged in or not… ill add it to the bug list

  6. The tool seems to be great… However there are a couple of issues that need to be resolved… First, no linkscape data is showing up… secondly, there is no map in the whois section as mentioned in the previous comment… Third and last, there should be an option to delay in the requests made to yahoo siteexplorer and google as there is no data coming from these engines after a few attems because both these search engines seem to block automated looking queries… So, if you have time please have a look into these things… by the way thanks to your for creating such an awesome seo plugin…

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